Support the Next Generation of Teachers

Support the Next Generation of Teachers

This year, the College of Education received an anonymous donation of $50,000 to help offset licensure fees for graduating students. This generous donation will help countless students here at Oregon State pursue their dreams of becoming teachers. It helps non-traditional and disadvantaged students by eliminating costs that act as a barrier from entering into the teaching profession. And it will ensure the success of our most salient mission: the training of a diverse and talented cohort of future educators.

While this donation will go a long way to help many students at Oregon State become teachers, we want to do more. We will not stand by while graduating students struggle to pay the fees necessary for their profession. We are dedicated to ensuring a path to licensure for any student who is passionate about teaching.

This year we will be working diligently to raise additional funds that will cover the costs of fingerprinting, state-mandated test expenses, and licensure fees for students here at Oregon State. These fees pose an enormous barrier for many graduating students who have spent years working hard to pursue their dreams of becoming educators. This crowdfunding campaign will ease the burden on our students, supporting them as their enter the next phase of their lives as educators. In the spirit of remembering the teachers that inspire us, when you make a donation to our crowdfunding campaign in the name of your favorite teacher we will send them a letter thanking them for their service.


Please make a gift today to support the next generation of teachers.


Winston Cornwall, popular professor who teaches Civil Rights & Multicultural Issues in Education.

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